Why a Museum?Kids play on our hexagon climbing structure while Grandma watches.

The Santa Fe Children’s Museum is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Discovering the joys of learning, play, and community.

The Santa Fe Children’s Museum builds upon a child’s sense of joy and discovery by cultivating habits of inquiry in the arts, sciences, and humanities.


History, Purpose, and Values

The Santa Fe Children’s Museum was incorporated in 1985.  It was founded by four local educators who perceived a need for learning opportunities in the community that would be distinctly different from those provided in school or home settings.  Convinced that experiential learning is a necessary complement to traditional education, the founders sought to create a dynamic, hands-on, exploratory environment which included ample opportunity for social interactions.  The Children’s Museum opened in its current location in February of 1989.

We honor the dedication, foresight, and commitment of the Santa Fe Children’s Museum’s founding members as we strive to continue following the mission they outlined.


Philosophy and Values

The Santa Fe Children’s Museum is based on a simple idea: children learn by doing.  The museum provides an informal environment that fosters connections among children and families, and encourages active participation in the learning process through interactive exhibits and programs. As a site for family outings, children and parents are brought together in the spirit of challenging play.

The Santa Fe Children’s Museum is all about discovery!