**MEMBERS ONLY** - Welcome Back!

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After a year of patiently anticipating a responsible time to reopen, the immersive exhibits and memorable experiences you love are now ready to welcome you back!

10 am – 6 pm
(open until 7 pm on Thursday!)



Play in a different way!

Santa Fe Children’s Museum is CDC compliant and has made changes to keep you, your family, and our staff safe and healthy. Some of the new operations include adjustments to our hours of operation, admission, exhibit availability, occupancy, and more. 

Take a look at some of the Museum updates:


  • The Museum has a new air purifier with a MERV 9 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) maintained efficiency air filters that meet all published hospital filter efficiency guidelines. 
  • All doors and windows will remain open throughout the day, weather permitting.
  • Water fountains are unavailable.
  • All touchables, toys, and high touchpoints in exhibits will be cleaned consistently throughout the day and the Museum will be thoroughly cleaned upon closing each day. 


  • All Museum staff (18+) have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Employees have received comprehensive COVID-19 safety and sanitation training to ensure they understand and feel confident managing the physical distancing & hygiene aspects of their roles.
  • All Museum staff will undergo a daily health screening before coming to the Museum and are required to stay home if feeling sick.
  • Team Members are required to wear face masks

Access & Guests

  • All guests will have access to the newly-named, Backyard, outdoor space & garden, which is included in all indoor museum admission and available for play during their visit, without a reservation.
  • The Gift Shop will be open for in-store shopping in addition to our online store and curbside pickup.
  • To help protect all children, guests, and staff, all visitors are required to wear face masks throughout their visit, unless eating or drinking.
  • We are not currently accepting medical exemptions. 
  • Indoor capacity will be closely monitored by staff to ensure safe and comfortable play for all

Enjoy our weekly Programs

Wee Wednesdays

Storytime for Toddlers  at 10:30 am~

Thursdays are Yours Days

Seeds and Sprouts Backyard Program
10: 30 am – 11:30 am

 Open an extra hour! (Museum closes at 7 pm)

Fine Art Fridays

2 pm - 4pm 

Science Saturday

2 pm - 4pm Saturday

Feeding of Cornelius the Snake at 1pm


The Museum will be open to all starting August 18th