For 35 years the Santa Fe Children’s Museum has explored the power of play and how it unites communities. Play celebrates diversity, breaks down barriers, and fosters friendships. 

We’ve compiled some resources useful for understanding and talking with children about racial equity and social justice.

Social Justice Resources from Children's Community School:

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10 Tips For Teaching and Talking to Kids About Race

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These tips are designed to help parents of all backgrouds teach and talk to their children about race early and often by lifting up age-appropriate activities that can be incorporated easily into your daily life.

Anti-Racism for Kids: Starting to Talk About Race

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31 Children’s Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism, and Resistance

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100 Race-Conscious Things You Can Say To Your Child To Advance Racial Justice

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Activities that Promote Racial and Cultural Awareness   

By Barbara Biles, M.Ed.
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Build Your Anti-Racist Home Library

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Books About Racism and Social Justice

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It's Never Too Early: Anti-Racist Resource Guide for Parents and Children

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Books to Help Kids Talk About Racism

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Children's Books About Peace

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These Books Can Help You to Explain Racism and Protests to Your Kids

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Children's Books  |  Coretta Scott King Book Award Winners

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Nightly News: KIDS EDITION

Lester Holt interviews a child psychologist about how families can talk about the protests and race relations in America.

6 Things White Parents Can Do to Raise Racially Conscious Children 

By Bree Ervin 

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How to Talk to Your Kids about Race & Justice 

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Teaching Your Child About Black History Month 

By Nefertiti Austin

Native American Stories

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Books About Latinos Who Made a Difference 

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9 Books to Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

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Read Globally: 20 Vibrant Books That Introduce Indian Folktales, Culture, and History to Kids 

By Devon A. Corneal

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