Designed to foster creativity and imagination, the Space Creation Virtual Game is an original creation, developed by New Mexico Highlands University Media Arts & Technology Department, based on themes that visitors of the Santa Fe Children’s Museum know, and love! This easy-to-play web-based game lets any user imagine life on a faraway planet, providing everyone with endless learning, possibilities, and play! 

Educational Value

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, The Space Creation Virtual Game is built on the pillars of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). It is never too early to start building on these concepts teaching children key problem solving and life skills.

Studies have shown that certain games can:
Help children improve early reading skills with the support of parents and teachers.   •  Enhance short and long-term memory and concentration.   •  Capture players’ imagination, helping them to stay focused on certain tasks, and build their perseverance to achieve a goal.  •  Improve multitasking skills.  •  Build skills for future careers.  •  Offer a new way to understand culture and perspectives.


The Space Creation Virtual Game complements the variety of STEM-based educational programs offered by the Santa Fe Children’s Museum including Virtual Field Trips, which delivers an all-ages Astronomy Program,
and Fun in Space: An Introduction to Space Science.

 >> Download the Space Creations Virtual Game pamphlet for more informaiton on this excited project <<


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Since March 2020, SFCM has delivered complimentary virtual field trips to 8,000 children and teachers attending schools throughout the State of New Mexico.


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