Lizard Naming Contest!

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Lizard Naming Contest!

~Pick the Name of the Museum's Newest Lizard~

All entries were received, finalists, selected, and the community voted on what our new spiny-tailed lizard, Uromastyx, will be named.


If the name you had entered gets selected you win a FREE 1-Year Membership for you and your family! 

(If any entry that had multiple submissions wins, all submitters will be put in a drawing for the Family Membership prize.)

**Winning name will be announced Friday, May 1st**

Here are some fun facts about the Uromastyx:

  • More commonly known as spiny-tailed lizards, mastigures, or dabb lizards, the Uromastyx can be found across North Africa, the Middle East, central Asia, and India.
  • These spiny tailed lizards can be found at elevations everywhere from sea-level to 3000 feet (about 3 kilometers) above sea-level.
  • They will bask in temperatures up to 120 degrees farenheit (49 Celsius) and live in hilly and rocky areas that possess good shelter to use during non-basking hours.
  • With the ability to pull most of its water from the vegetation it ingests, the Uromastyx doesn't require much of a water source to survive.