SF Symphony One-on-One

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SF Symphony One-on-One

A connection without contact. A selection without discussion. A moment without interruption.

Remove yourself from isolation for a short period and experience a personal connection with a Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra musician. For a short time, you will turn off all devices, tune out the rest of the world, and transplant yourself into a beautiful, safe, and secure setting where the only thing important is music. The only thing you see is beauty. And the only thing you hear is a musical selection, chosen and performed especially for you.

You are invited to purchase a front row seat for an extraordinary one-on-one opportunity with a Santa Fe Symphony musician, in a safe and distanced environment, as they perform a piece chosen during the initial moment of your arrival. For the first 30 seconds, the only communication SFS 1:1 you will have with the player is eye to eye contact—then the music begins. No contact. No words. No discussion.