Photo by Sam Wasson Photography

Favorite Exhibit/Program:
My favorite exhibit is the Grocery Store. I love to see kids of all ages and backgrounds take pride in knowing exactly what to do without any help. They’ve all had this shared experience of going to the market with their families so they don’t hesitate to fill a shopping cart with food and charge across the museum floor. Every day at least one child tries to wheel their cart out the door to the car!

Childhood Book I Enjoyed:
I absolutely loved “The Story of Ferdinand” about a bull who would rather sit under a tree and smell flowers than fight in a bullfight. I think I loved it so much because Ferdinand was a dreamer and a loner…and so was I as a child.

Game(s) I Liked To Play:
I liked to play pretend with my Big Jim and Big Josh dolls.

Fun Fact:
I loved Sherlock Holmes and Alfred Hitchcock growing up. I kept a series of  journals hidden under my mattress where I took notes on anything or anyone I found suspicious.