The Santa Fe Children’s Museum is looking for local artists and scientists to be Guest Teachers for our in-house programs!

We aim to bring a wide variety of specialists to teach the art and science classes so that our children get an education as diverse and inclusive as our state. We are interested in establishing long-term partnerships with locals, who can keep coming back to teach classes consistently.

Available classes: 

Fine Art Friday
(Every Friday from 2 PM – 4 PM)

Science Saturday
(Every Saturday from 2 PM – 4 PM)

We deeply appreciate any guest teachers who are willing to volunteer, but payment is available and negotiable. If you are interested, even if you don’t have a specific vision for what class you would want to teach, please reach out and we can brainstorm together. People with experience teaching/working with children are encouraged to apply. We would love to broaden and deepen our community relationships and look forward to welcoming you into or programming team! 

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