The Santa Fe Children’s Museum was an invaluable resource after moving to Santa Fe in late 2019. My son, Sam, got a chance to make new friends, play with all of the exhibits and learn new things at all of the weekly programming. His favorite is Fine Art Friday!

After COVID-19 shut everything down, it was a big loss not having the Museum open but when it was able to be opened up for outdoor only play in late 2020, it really provided a safe space for him to play and get that little bit of social interaction that everyone was sorely missing. Since reopening for both indoor and outdoor play it has been great for my son to get back to see friends he hadn’t seen in a long time. The Museum has done the best job with COVID-safe practices and it really makes the museum feel like a truly safe space for him to play! None of it would be possible without the wonderful staff at the museum. They’re the ones who really make SFCM Sam’s absolute favorite place in Santa Fe!” 

~Sam Wesson, Museum Member