“In the YCC team, our roles vary throughout the weeks. First, we are introduced to our daily planning for the day or week. During this time of work, we have accomplished tasks of weeding, cleaning, and most importantly team bonding. It was important to us because we are able to Interact with children and supervise them while being around the museum.

During our time in YCC, we learned very important life skills! We worked as a close team throughout the summer to learn important conflict resolution, problem-solving, time management, togetherness, and cooperation skills. We also experienced useful gardening, landscaping & construction skills such as maintaining various vegetables and flowers, stucco/adobe, power tools, heavy machinery, and irrigation. 

We took educational field trips to various places, such as the Santa Fe Botanical Garden, DBC Inc, and Thornburg Investments. We learned how to mix stucco, and plastering skills in order to restore our honor. 

Our team participated with hands-on experiences like CPR training and financial literacy classes. All of us are now certified in CPR and know how to best manage our money. 

~Gaby Quezada Gallegos and Sage McEwen
2021 Youth Conservation Corps Members