Home, a modular exhibit from the Freeman Foundation Asian Culture Exhibit Series!


Light Table

Make some serious observations at our illuminated light table. Does light shine through some objects a lot, others a little, and some not at all? Come find out!


Create your own illuminated patterns using a 7 ft Litezilla. This interactive light display encourages creativity, planning, and fun.

Outdoor Adobe Playhouse

Visit our authentic adobe playhouse with room for imaginative play, and discovery.


The Fire and Rescue firehouse is ready for little firefighters to throw on a fire suit and put out some fires!

Discovery Market

Grab a shopping cart and shop for your favorite treats in the Discovery Market!

Discovery Vet

Take care of sick hamsters and groom puppies in the Discovery Animal Clinic.

Pirate Ship

Climb aboard for your own swashbuckling adventure! Raise the flag, and steer the ship towards your next destination.

Mini-Mars Landing

Complete the ultimate mission and land your spacecraft on the surface of Mars. This mini-playscape speaks to all astronauts and space lovers alike.

Fairy Village

Visit a small magical spot, focusing on the details of nature, with plenty of room to explore the range of your imagination.

Animals & Plants

  • Gem & Mineral Microscopes
  • Nature Nook & Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Crawl & Toddle

  • Toddler Zone

Dig & Harvest

  • Community Garden
  • Sandbox


  • Lookout Tower
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Pulley Chairs Indoor Climber
  • Catch the Wind
  • Magnetic Ball Run
  • People on the Go


  • Make N’ Take Creative Corner
  • Discovery Construction Zone
  • Imagination Playground
  • Legos


  • Music Plaza

Water Play

  • Splash Table
  • Thoughts Flow Interactive Water Table
  • Bubbles