Splash Table

Make fish swim, catch a shark, or captain your own boat at this interactive splash table.

Thoughts Flow Interactive Water Table

Our interactive water system will help you to discover the balance between water pressure and energy by experimenting with dam gates.


The secret science of bubbles comes to life as all ages can immerse themselves in this soapy sensory exploration. Experiment with different-sized wands, blow bubbles with your hands and try to balance bubbles on your body.

Animals & Plants

  • Gem & Mineral Microscopes
  • Nature Nook & Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Crawl & Toddle

  • Toddler Zone

Dig & Harvest

  • Community Garden
  • Sandbox


  • Lookout Tower
  • Rubik's Cube
  • Pulley Chairs Indoor Climber
  • Catch the Wind
  • Magnetic Ball Run
  • People on the Go


  • Light Table
  • Litezilla
  • Outdoor Adobe Playhouse
  • Firehouse
  • Discovery Market
  • Discovery Vet
  • Pirate Ship
  • Mini-Mars Landing
  • Fairy Village


  • Make N’ Take Creative Corner
  • Discovery Construction Zone
  • Imagination Playground
  • Legos


  • Music Plaza